Experience of Consultants includes:
  • enhancing access to medicines in rural India and in Brazil for major pharmaceutical companies

  • establishing Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) between private industry, local governments and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), in Latin America and in Asia

  • enhancing access to nutritious baby food in rural Mexico, Brazil, China and South East Asia

  • expanding distribution of micro-plants for biofuels (ethanol, Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)) in India and in Brazil for local use by farmer communities

  • supporting patient counseling and outcome management organizations
Our focus:
  • growing PROFITS for the shareholders of large and small companies,

  • accompanied by social improvements for PEOPLE (especially the "Bottom-of-the-pyramid" or BOP) and,

  • neutral or favorable impact on the environment - the PLANET.










3xBL (TM) Triple Bottom-Line Consulting is a management consulting division of Imagiance LLC, a Limited Liability Company